Hormone Improvement Program

Having issues with your hormones?

Hormone problems can affect you in several ways:

  • hot flashes – fatigue – low sex drive – weight gain – emotional
  • feelings of rage – vaginal dryness – joint pain – digestive issues

We designed our Hormone Improvement Program to identify the “root cause” of your specific issues. The 12-month program makes use of advanced saliva testing for increased accuracy in measuring your specific levels.

Program benefits:

  • The program is completely non-invasive and easily adapted.
  • Patients complete an online Functional Medicine analysis to build their individualized health history profile.
  • Through our data driven approach, patients experience a safer use of prescriptions and supplements. We consistently monitor levels so there is less chance of being too high or low for long periods of time.
  • Patients receive a set of 4 test kits ready to complete at designated intervals plus they receive reminders when it’s time to complete each kit.
  • There is less wait time for receiving treatment cream, prescriptions, and/or supplements as well as dietary and exercise guidance.
  • Patients have access to their personal portal for treatment-related messaging with our practitioner between visits.

In treating 1000s of patients with hormone imbalances we find those who commit to their specific treatment plan will experience measurable success. Success combines proven protocols for supplementation, exercise and diet with regular testing.

Cost for the 12-month program is one-time fee of $695.

This covers all visits plus lab kit fees.


Note: Lab test fees are paid by the patient directly to the test lab company at an average
of $120 per test.