Today’s patient asks “Why?”, Functional Medicine answers that question.

At Innovative Wellness Center, our approach to treatment is what patients have always felt medical treatment should be but didn’t think was possible.

Imagine providing your healthcare provider with your full healthcare history which she takes time to review and understand!

Imagine then spending a full 90-minute consultation with her after she has reviewed everything you’ve sent and is developing a real plan to get you better!

What is functional medicine? Click here to learn more.

Why do I need full Functional Medicine Program?

I am experiencing chronic health conditions that are not being fully addressed by my primary care physician or specialists. Examples:

Fibromyalgia, irritable bowel/inflammatory bowel, rheumatoid/osteoarthritis, mental illness, migraines, chronic fatigue, complex family history, personal history of cancer, and many other disease states.

I want to pursue a comprehensive Root Cause Resolution approach.