Wouldn’t you like to have your healthcare the way U want it ???

YOU pick (UPIC) gives you options on how YOU want to be treated at Innovative Healthcare Family Practice & Wellness Center.

Our pledge is to provide you with superior healthcare treatment that matches your Unique needs. So, we created UPIC, a healthcare approach where you choose your appropriate level of treatment.

UPIC is comprised of three TREATMENT TRACKS – each involving different approaches to your Unique healthcare expectations.

Here’s how UPIC works:

Click for the descriptions of the content. Check any or all that apply. Any questions, just ask.

Step 1) YOU pick a track that best describes what YOU are looking for from your healthcare provider.

Step 2) YOUR selection is recorded in your healthcare chart.

Step 3) You can change the track YOU are on as your needs change! The benefit to YOU is receiving the care and meeting the goals YOU are looking for – not our goals.